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Strengthening the role of comprehensive management of multidisciplinary and case teaching in pathological diagnosis

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.092


Fenxia Liu

Corresponding Author

Fenxia Liu


Case-based learning (CBL) is a case-based teaching method. Cases formed by real situations or events can fully mobilize students' initiative, connect theory with practice, and improve students' analysis in clinical diagnosis. The multidisciplinary treatment (MDT) model is another effective way to improve the efficiency of pathological diagnosis and treatment, and is the most effective mode for different tumors in countries around the world. This paper combines the above two teaching modes and studies the role of two combined comprehensive management in pathological diagnosis. Studies have shown that this method is conducive to improving students' clinical thinking ability, analyzing problems, problem-solving ability and comprehensive quality, so that pathology can truly play its role as a bridge between basic medicine and clinical medicine.


Multidisciplinary diagnosis and treatment model, Case-based learning, Pathological diagnosis,.