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The review of the practice internship of educational major in Colleges and universities during recent 10 years

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.091


Yunnan Zhao, Lin Li

Corresponding Author

Yunnan Zhao


The research summarizes that domestic practice internship researches mainly focused on the present’s situation investigation, the reform path, the introduction of foreign experience and compared other counties’ experiences on practice internship to our country’s, and analyzed the influence of the practice internship of different major in normal colleges and universities and different types of practice internship through reviewing 10 years of research. The paper also predicts the developmental trend of practice internship in the future. Firstly, the cooperation between normal universities and internship schools will be strengthened. Secondly, the time of practice internship becomes more and covers each semester. Thirdly, the process of practice internship is considering more factors. Fourthly, the evaluation methods of practice internship become diversified. Fifthly, the duties and responsibilities on guiding students to practice is more specific.


Normal university, practice internship, Research review, The development trend.