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The New Progress of Text Analysis for College English Teaching in China --Commentary on Liu Yuhong’s In and Beyond the Text(2018)

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.088


Jianying Zhang

Corresponding Author

Jianying Zhang


College English teaching in China is shouldering the responsibilities of helping the all-around growth and development of students and serving both the country and the society, so college English teaching becomes a complicated task which requires a lot on the part of the teachers. Liu Yuhong, scholar and professor at Guangxi Normal University, published a monograph entitled “In and Beyond the Text: Rethinking about EFL Teaching” in May, 2018. It offers a unique perspective of text analysis for college English teaching in China, which can be of great help to implement meaningful, purposeful and instructive college English teaching, and to cultivate independent, efficient and competent college English learners.


Text Analysis, College English Teaching, Liu Yuhong, In and Beyond the Text.