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Study on the Development of Preschool Education in the Minority Areas of Northern Guangdong

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.035


Jianlan Wang, Cheng Li, Chongmin Liu, Fengfu Ye, Jing Yi

Corresponding Author

Jianlan Wang


The ethnic minorities in Guangdong Province are mainly concentrated in the three ethnic minority autonomous counties in the northern Guangdong - Lian Shan Zhuang Autonomous County, Liannan Yao Autonomous County and RuRMB Yao Autonomous County. In recent years, the People's Government of the minority areas of northern Guangdong has formulated and implemented the first and second three-year action plans for pre-school education, as well as a series of relevant policies and supporting regulations, and has built a pre-school education public with a township kindergarten as a backbone, covering urban and rural areas Service system to ensure that school-age children receive basic, quality pre-school education. The development of preschool education in the minority areas of northern Guangdong is uneven, and the teachers' business quality is low, the bilingual teaching resources are scarce and the educational research atmosphere is not strong. The main strategy to solve the problem is to improve the pre-school education management system, To enhance the quality of the work of early childhood education workers, the creation of three township teaching and research network, build a chapter to focus on improving the quality of teaching and education.


Northern Guangdong, Minority, Pre-School Education, Development.