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The Application of Sandwich Teaching Method in the Physical Chemistry Course for Pharmaceutical Specialty Students

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.084


Maojian Shi, Huiyun Wang, Jinhui Zhou, Jing Liu, Fandong Kong, Aixia Ling, Mei Lv

Corresponding Author

Maojian Shi


For pharmacy students, the content of physical chemistry course is complex, abstract and dull, while the traditional classroom teaching is relatively boring and can cause their resistance. Under that situation, the Sandwich teaching method, which focuses on the combination of teachers’ explanation and students’ self-study, can be applied to the physical chemistry course. In the teaching process, students’ learning conditions and cognitive levels are fully considered; their enthusiasm and initiative are stimulated. Meanwhile, great importance is attached to students’ emotional needs, cognitive requirements and the ability to solve problems with knowledge.


Sandwich teaching method, pharmaceutical specialty, physical chemistry, application.