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The Contribution of Scientific Popularization Video to Environmental Protection

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.37


Si Chen

Corresponding Author

Si Chen


A relatively small amount of data have been conducted to investigate the effectiveness of science popularization on environmental education. This paper studied the association of popularizing science through video with the resulting effectiveness of environmental protection. We made a video about mangrove swamp and conducted a questionnaire with the same content twice—once before the participants watch the video and once after. In total, 181 valid questionnaire data from random WeChat online users in Shenzhen, China were collected. Then, we compared the results of the two questionnaires and analysed the data obtained, which revealed that after watching the video, audience managed to learn more about not only the characters of the mangrove swamp, but also its importance to ecological environment, and hence they developed a greater concern toward mangrove swamp, becoming more willing to actively protect the environment. To conclude, science popularization about environment can help protect the environment.


Mangrove Swamp, Science Popularization, Environmental Protection.