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Intertextual Interpretation of Lu Xun's Works in the Context of Literary Education

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.073


Lei Ji

Corresponding Author

Lei Ji


The interpretation and teaching of Lu Xun’s works in literary education has always been a hot issue in the field of Chinese language education. In recent years, in view of problems emerged in the process of teaching Lu Xun’s works, the academic circles have carried out a number of innovative researches from the perspectives of educational significance, chapter selection and teaching strategies. Lu Xun’s works have a certain kind of internal consistency. Meanwhile, the thought of criticizing national character runs through his novels, prose and prose pomes. In the past, teachers usually focused on the explanation of single chapters. The separation which harms the internal unity of Lu Xun’s works should be changed. Through breaking through the boundaries of literary styles such as novels, prose and poems, and summarizing characters’ features through the intertextual interpretation of different works, teachers can classify figures into different groups and cultivate students’ aesthetic consciousness as well as thinking abilities.


Literature education, Lu Xun’s works, intertextual interpretation.