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Research on Urban Ethnic Inter-embedded Community Construction --from the Perspective of “Singapore Experience”

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.052


Yinghui Yang, Ning Zhang

Corresponding Author

Yinghui Yang


Social division of labor and population aggregation promotes urban development. Aggregation and mobility create urban space and ethnic diversity. Different ethnic groups reshape social networks and living patterns, which affects inter-ethnic relations and social integration. “Promoting the establishment of inter-embedded social structure and community environment” is an innovative move in our national work at present. The policy of “HDB flats and the quantity relative ratio of ethnic groups” promotes ethnic mixing, rebuilds the national identity of “Singaporeans”, realizes ethnic harmony and inter-ethnic integration, and forms the “Singapore experience” of successfully solving ethnic problems, which is of great reference significance to the construction of ethnic inter-embedded community in China.


Singapore experience, Inter-embedding, Community.