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Study on PE Teaching Model Reform of Regular Institutions of Higher Learning Based on Outdoor Training Concept

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.051


Yali Xu, Kaihua Xu

Corresponding Author

Yali Xu


With teaching reform and era development, traditional teaching methods have been gradually replaced. Under the new teaching mode, it is necessary to explore a teaching mode more suitable for student development. To meet social development demand, college PE also receives more and more attention. However, traditional training cannot meet the demand. Outdoor training is a new training mode, which is student-oriented and aims to motivate students’ learning initiative and enthusiasm, make up for cultural deficiency and promote all-round development. This paper analyzes the defects and shortcomings of traditional PE teaching mode and proposes the importance of outdoor training concept for college PE teaching and the method to study college PE teaching mode reform.


Outdoor training, College PE, Teaching model study .