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Research on the Construction of Learning Society Think Tank

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.048


Anji Yu

Corresponding Author

Anji Yu


This paper will build a learning society and a lifelong education system in Jiangxi, conduct research on the construction of consultations, provide advisory reports and countermeasures for the construction of a learning society in Jiangxi for the units and institutions at the next level, and focus on the establishment of the Jiangxi Open University, providing information services and reference suggestions for the party committee of Jiangxi Radio and Television University and major administrative decisions, tracking the development of the development of remote open universities at home and abroad, paying attention to the policies and progress of the construction of provincial open universities, and providing strategies and suggestions for the establishment of Jiangxi Open University. The construction of the Learning Society Research Institute is based on the relevant benchmarks of the evaluation system of the AMI think tank of the international community think tank construction evaluation theory. Combined with the specific actual situation of Jiangxi Radio and Television University, the overall thinking of the construction of the think tank of the Learning Society Research Institute proposes a three-step construction program. The first step is to enhance the attractiveness; the second step is to improve the management; the third step is to make an overall plan for the construction of the influential learning think tank.


Learning society, Think tank construction, Attraction, Management, Influence.