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Research on New Media Literacy of College Students under the Background of Mobile Internet

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.047


Zhi Zeng

Corresponding Author

Zhi Zeng


With the gradual rise of China's social and economic development, the arrival of the Internet era has accelerated the development of the times, which has also had a certain impact on contemporary college students. Under the background of the Internet era, college students should seize the opportunity to improve their new media literacy, learn and understand social information more efficiently through making use of the Internet. In the education of contemporary Chinese college students, colleges and universities should properly carry out the teaching of new media literacy, so that college students can understand their own responsibilities and tasks in the Internet era, which will promot the development prospects of new media literacy education. This paper is the author's analysis and investigation of the current situation of college students' new media literacy in the Internet era and related suggestions.


Economic development, New media, Internet, Research.