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The Challenges Faced by Family Support for the Aged and Social Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.042


Ye Hongmei

Corresponding Author

Ye Hongmei


Pension will bring economic or material support, care in life and spiritual comfort. From the three aspects of “support for the elderly”, the so-called home-based pension refers to the “support for the elderly” centered on children, husbands and relatives. Traditional methods of supporting the elderly the traditional home-based pensions face several problems: the size of the family; the traditional family's old-age function continues; the aging of the elderly population increases the burden of home-based care. Therefore, the weakening, transfer and substitution of family pension function is an objective tendency. In the future, China will also actively develop various forms of social pension and old-age care based on the fact that the family is supporting the elderly.


Old-Age Support, Family Pension, Socialized Pension, Socialization.