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From intellectual property rights to technology power

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.041


Wen Tao, Xu Jing

Corresponding Author

Wen Tao


In modern society, for the purpose of profit-seeking, intellectual property owners seek rent from state power. At the cost, intellectual property owners gradually change from individuals to countries. In this way, intellectual property continues to accumulate in the country, and the public interest in intellectual property rights is increasingly apparent. On this basis, the combination of scientific knowledge and production is the technology industry, the technology industry is combined with state capital and power and integrated into power. Technology has gradually become the materialized manifestation of state power. At the same time, the power of science and technology has also brought about a series of problems such as the unclear legitimacy of science and technology.


Intellectual property, power, technology monopoly, post-industrial society.