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Analysis of Factors Affecting Serving Effectiveness in Volleyball Matches

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.039


Zhang Tao, Xiaolong Liang

Corresponding Author

Zhang Tao


Serving is an important means of attack and scoring in volleyball matches. The aggressive serve can destroy the opponent's pass, cause the opponent's tactical mistakes, and make it difficult to organize an effective attack. The revision of the rules of volleyball matches has great impetus to the development of volleyball and enhances the appreciation of the matches. The service quality of volleyball players is affected by many factors. It includes the influence of athletes' physical fitness and technical and tactical level. The development trend of today's world volleyball is offensive serve, breaking the other side's pass, creating conditions for defensive counterattacks or direct scoring. Volleyball players must have a comprehensive physical quality, and the lack of quality on either side will affect the quality of the serve. This paper analyzes the important role of teeing skills in volleyball games and discusses the main factors affecting the serve of volleyball players.


Volleyball, Serve, Factor, Physical Fitness.