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From Single to Multiple: Research on Brand Building and Marketization of School Wushu Events

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.038


Wang Wen

Corresponding Author

Wang Wen


Wushu is an excellent traditional national sport in China. In recent years, with the development of modern Wushu, the marketization of Wushu competitions has gradually appeared on the agenda and been put into practice. For the developed countries with market economy, sports industry has become the main sector of national economy, even the pillar industry of national economy in many European and American countries. The combination of the various actions in martial arts makes them resistant to attack and defense. Martial arts competitions have therefore appeared in the public eye. There are many aspects of martial arts events that need to be improved and improved. One of the questions is how to form a distinctive Chinese martial arts event brand in the future to better develop and expand its influence and market. This paper examines the existing problems on the basis of grasping the development clues by combing the evolution of martial arts events.


Wushu Competition, Competition Brand, Market.