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The Development Logic of the Community of Human Destiny and China's Contribution

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.034


Xiqiao Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiqiao Liu


China's construction of the community of human destiny has evolved from concept to program and from thought to action. From the essence of human existence, the process of world historical development and the consensus of the international community. The idea of "community of human destiny" is not only the core idea and practical guide of China's diplomacy, but also the intrinsic requirement and value orientation of China's external communication. The new ideas of the international relations model in the 21st century and the new thinking of the international order in the era of global governance are in line with the inherent needs of China to safeguard its national interests and integrate peacefully into the international order, promote cooperation and win-win with the concept of a community of destiny, carry out foreign aid in the image of a responsible big country, resolve diplomatic disputes based on national interests, strengthen humanities exchanges through public diplomacy, realize the Chinese dream of national great rejuvenation, promote world peace and development, etc. Both have important contributions. Building a community of human destiny is not only an important goal and concept of perfecting global governance in China at present and in the latter period, but also a transcendence of traditional Western international relations theory and has historical significance of the times.


Community of Human Destiny, Development, China, Contribution.