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Research on the Modern Knowledge Transformation in China: and the Role of the “La Jeunesse” Colleagues

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.033


Huo Yuan

Corresponding Author

Huo Yuan


The nature of pre-human knowledge is facing a post-modern transformation, which will certainly bring new thinking and enlightenment. Therefore, the paper discusses the role of "youth" colleagues in the transformation of modern knowledge in China. Starting from the concept of knowledge-based transformation of modern science to knowledge-based transformation of post-modern culture, this paper discusses it. The research shows that we are in a special period of transformation from modern scientific knowledge to post-modern cultural knowledge, and the teaching concept and practice must be changed accordingly. At present, how to quickly change the concept of education and teaching and the content of curriculum content in the process of knowledge transformation will be more and more educators to participate in the research. At the same time, this will also promote the education of our country to adapt to the development needs of the current era.


Modern Knowledge, Transformation, “La Jeunesse”.