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Research on the Efficiency Model of Urban Public Sports Service

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.030


Chao Chen

Corresponding Author

Chao Chen


Urban public sports needs are the basic sports needs in people's social life. Urban public sports services are not only the main functions of the government, but also the important areas in which various social organizations participate and play their roles. On the basis of defining the equalization of public services, this paper puts forward the meaning of equalization of urban public sports services: public organizations can provide basic urban public sports products and services in accordance with the national general and consistent standards, taking into account the needs of citizens' life and entertainment. Through literature research, expert interviews and comparative analysis, the combination of factor analysis and model is used to establish the urban public sports service index system, so as to realize the evaluation of urban public sports service efficiency. The aim is to closely focus on the sports demand of the masses, improve the quality and efficiency of urban public sports service government supply, further promote the construction of urban sports and leisure cities, and enable more citizens to enjoy urban public sports services, and the basic sports rights are effectively guaranteed.


Urban Public Sports Service, Efficiency, Government Supply.