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The Promoting Role of Party Construction in Logistics Support

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.026


Huang Jingjing

Corresponding Author

Huang Jingjing


Logistics Party building is an important part of Party building in Colleges and universities. It is the premise and guarantee for the smooth development of logistics work. With the gradual development of the modern economy, the party building work in our country is becoming more and more important. Therefore, it is necessary to make a gradual development and change, and make a practical analysis of the problems. Logistics has not only the educational attribute of higher education institutions, but also the service attribute of logistics support. The particularity of this multiple attribute determines that the Party organizations must play a political core role. To improve the quality of management and service quality in the later period, people can better carry out grassroots construction activities. In the course of the party building work, it also brought considerable challenges and development to the logistics support system. Only when the logistics management department gives full play to its own strength can we mobilize all aspects of the forces and thus contribute better to the country.


Logistics support, Party building, Modernization, Core role.