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Research and Countermeasure of Rural Waste Classification under Rural Revitalization Strategy

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.020


Ying Wang, Lei Wang

Corresponding Author

Ying Wang


With the rapid development of economy and technology, China's rural construction has also entered a new stage. However, along with the rapid advancement of economy and culture, rural domestic production waste has not been treated in a timely and effective manner, and the phenomenon of “garbage surrounding villages” has become an important factor affecting and even hindering rural development. At present, most of China's rural areas are struggling in the treatment of garbage. In order to solve the problem of rural garbage disposal, this paper takes the implementation of the rural garbage classification of Guli Street in Nanjing as a research sample, conducts a research visit and obtains the classification of garbage in Guli Street, Nanjing. Based on the data, the evaluation index system of garbage classification effect in Guli Street of Nanjing was initially constructed, and the implementation of garbage classification in Nanjing was evaluated in combination with appropriate evaluation methods to provide reference for the further promotion of rural waste classification. Exploring the preparation of an evaluation index system for the implementation of rural waste classification. By obtaining the enlightenment of the typical case analysis results, to make up for the lack of research in the field of practical experience, to provide ideas for rural waste classification.


Garbage rural, garbage classification, incineration treatment, garbage town operation, three reforms .