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Landscape Design of Greenland Park Based on the Concept of “Sponge City”

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.017


Peng Jing, Liu Yujia

Corresponding Author

Peng Jing


In order to cope with urban rain and flood problems, this paper will promote the construction of sponge cities and propose to make full use of the landscape design of urban green space parks for stormwater management. Firstly, it analyzes the role of Greenland Park in the construction of sponge city, then proposes the strategy of “sponge city” in green park construction, and finally discusses the landscape design approach of “sponge city” in green park. It is believed that the urban green space park landscape design should be based on the process of catching water-storage-purifying water in rainwater, applying low-impact development technology, designing water collection, water storage and water purification landscape, collecting and infiltrating the rainwater in this process, to achieve efficient management of rainwater and water quality in urban green space parks.


Greenland Park, Sponge City, Landscape Design, Ecology.