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Turning the Dilemma: Political Game in Zuoshunmen Incident

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.014


Wang Hongcheng

Corresponding Author

Wang Hongcheng


The Zuoshunmen incident was a key turning point in the Great Ritual Conference. At the beginning of Emperor Shizong's reign in Ming Dynasty, Yang Tinghe controlled the trend of the political situation of the court, which largely restricted the exercise of Shizong's legitimate imperial power. When Sejong wants to carry out innovation, he must dispel Yang Tinghe’s influence in the DPRK. After the big ceremony, especially the Zuoshunmen incident, Yang Ting and the Central Committee’s forces were almost exhausted, and Sejong also took the opportunity to recover the imperial power. At the same time, Sejong did not hate the sins of the courts, but forgive the true repentant and re-employed as an official. This undoubtedly played a very positive role in the relaxation of the relationship between the monarch and the minister and the stability of the political situation of the court.


Zuoshunmen, Emperor ShiZong of Ming, Yang TingHe, ZhangCong, The Great Controversy of Rites.