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The Evolution and Impact of Farmers' Values in Integrative Villages in Suburban Areas

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.012


Na Ning

Corresponding Author

Na Ning


Facing the new situation and new environment, the countryside is experiencing the transformation from tradition to modern, and the peasants are also changing from traditional peasants to modern peasants. Adhering to national identity and national identity promotes the prosperity and prosperity of China as a unified multi-ethnic country. Farmers' values refer to the basic viewpoints that farmers hold when they understand, evaluate and decide whether various things and phenomena in life can meet their own needs. They reflect the relationship between farmers and society. Vigorously promoting the urbanization of suburban peasants is the core task of developing new rural construction in suburban convergent villages. Therefore, urban and rural planning should be planned as a whole, and urban living space should be integrated into the city, and farmers' quality should be improved in an all-round way. In today's construction of a new socialist countryside, the peasants' values are placed in the social background of constantly changing development for dialectical analysis and analysis. The spatial construction and value adjustment functions of rural culture should be brought into play, but the current new rural cultural construction fails to achieve the desired results. It is of great significance to build a new socialist countryside. Therefore, it is important to analyze and dissect the issue of peasants' views and values to enhance the values of farmers.


Suburban convergent villages, peasants, values.