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Research on the Application of Flipping Classroom in Taijiquan Teaching in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.006


Ling Tong

Corresponding Author

Ling Tong


Flipping classroom is a modern teaching mode, mainly relying on information technology means to achieve the organic combination of information technology and education and teaching. When applying the flip classroom teaching mode, university teachers should first prepare and arrange the relevant materials such as video and text of pre-class Taijiquan teaching, and expand the teaching content reasonably. Flipping classroom is beneficial to students’ all-round development, teachers' differentiated teaching, students’ individualized learning and scientific and diversified teaching evaluation. Promoting students’ autonomous learning, cooperative learning and personalized learning is beneficial to the in-depth inheritance and wide dissemination of Taijiquan and Chinese Wushu among college students. From the perspective of the goal of physical education teaching, flipping the classroom teaching mode is beneficial to students' achievement of sports skills, sports participation and social adaptation dimensions. Establish learning interest, learning emotions and participation experience as important content, explore the Taijiquan deep learning mode, and strive to truly understand the deep cultural connotation of Taijiquan and artistic conception. Absorb the core cultural connotation of internalization Taijiquan, and actively learn Taijiquan content through new media or micro-courses.


Flipping Classroom, Colleges and Universities, Taijiquan, Teaching.