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New Measures for Yunnan Province to Integrate into the International Cooperation of the Belt and Road Initiative

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DOI: 10.25236/issec.2019.002


Ni Cai

Corresponding Author

Ni Cai


Nowadays, the Belt and Road Initiative is a platform which attracts an increasing number of countries to explore new mechanisms of international economic governance. Yunnan Province needs to think about problems from a global perspective, and rationally plans the allocation of resources. With the help of existing basic conditions, such as the advantages of its geographical location and the similar customs, Yunnan should promote the construction of the people-to-people bond which belongs to “five bonds”. That goal should be realized through the four dimensions of the government, the universities, the scholars and the enterprises. In the implementation of this great strategy, Yunnan Province should try to realize its own leap forward development, and take on the responsibility of international communication and exchanges.


People-to-people bond, The Belt and Road, Yunnan Province, achievements.