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American opioid drug crisis and response measures based on PCA

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2019.025


Caiwei Zhen, Weiqiu Wang, Jianzeng Mao

Corresponding Author

Caiwei Zhen


The United States is experiencing a national crisis regarding the use of synthetic and non-synthetic opioids for the treatment and management of pain or for recreational purposes (illicit, over-the-counter use). After learning about the relevant background and reviewing relevant literature, our team answered the three parts of the questions proposed by the American mathematical and applied federation by using the data provided by NFLIS and the socio-economic data provided by the U.S.Census. Combined with the team's discoveries in the modeling process, we wrote a memorandum to the chief administrator, DEA/NFLIS database.


Opioids, drug, principal component analysis (PCA), z-score, regression equation