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Application of blood clotting in blood morphology analysis of homicide scene

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2019.024


Jiang Kuan, Chen Gang

Corresponding Author

Jiang Kuan


The morphology analysis of blood in crime scene through the study and analysis of the size, shape and distribution of blood, to judge the nature of the event and the process of the event, blood clotting has its own characteristics. Blood has the characteristics of mobility and easy infiltration in liquid state. After blood clotting, blood clots at the edge of the object to form marginal blood, showing a blank area below the object. In the case that the object soaked with blood is not completely coagulated, moving will make the blood stain appear drag marks, which can judge the moving time of some stained blood object. After coagulation, the blood lost the characteristic of easy to stain other objects, so the time of contact between blood and the object can often be analyzed. The coagulation characteristics of blood stains can be applied to the analysis and reconstruction of murder cases.


Homicide scene investigation, blood stain analysis, blood clotting