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Gas Phase Photolysis of Volatile Organic Compounds and Its Photolysis in Metal Ion Solution

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2019.020


Cuimei Zhang

Corresponding Author

Cuimei Zhang


In recent years, fog pollution and indoor air quality problems have become more and more serious. Volatile organic pollutants (VOCs) have been widely used as one of the main sources of pollution of fog and indoor air pollution. Taking phenol as an example, the photolysis reaction of gas phase and its photolysis at different metal ion concentrations were studied. The results show that phenol can be photolyzed rapidly and reacted to produce CO2 under ultraviolet light irradiation at 245 nm. Titanium dioxide photo-catalysts were prepared by doping with Cu2+ and Fe2+, respectively. The photo-catalytic degradation experiments of phenol-containing wastewater were carried out in a self-made photo-catalytic reactor using the above two catalysts. The research results make it possible to design and construct a highly active titanium dioxide catalyst under visible light, which provides a theoretical basis and technical reference for the search for practical photo-catalysts for degrading water pollution.


Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), Photo-catalytic oxidation (PCO) in gas phase, Metal ion solution, Photolysis study,