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Exploration of creative talents training mode of clothing and costume design specialty in the new era

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.025


Liu Jianjun

Corresponding Author

Liu Jianjun


With the development and progress of the society, our residents' living concept and living standards have been greatly improved, the need for life in the clothing and apparel have new requirements and pursuit, gradually changing to the aesthetic direction. With the China's colleges and universities gradually began to set up the corresponding professional clothing and apparel design, the profession itself has strong practical and practical, have a certain quality of life to meet the requirements of China's residents. In the new period, the students of clothing and costume design should not only have the theories that should be possessed of the specialty of costume design, but also should have certain practical abilities. Mainly refers to the new period of college students in the social needs and training, should learn and practice actively, the clothing and apparel design specialty in China should also according to the needs of society and culture with pertinence, orientation, teaching should be scientific and reasonable teaching methods, effective to improve the quality of teaching in Colleges and universities of professional clothing and apparel design, so as to cultivate useful talents for the society.


Fashion and dress design specialty, new period, professional creative talents, training mode, research and analysis.