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Application of Family Rehabilitation Nursing in the Recovery and Treatment of Social Communication Disorders in Children with Autism

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2019.011


Pu Zhang

Corresponding Author

Pu Zhang


Autism is a condition caused by extensive developmental disorders. The obvious appearance is interpersonal isolation, behavioral disorders, and poor physical fitness. Autism is an irreversible disease, but autistic children in development can relieve the adverse effects of autism through treatment. The current treatments for autism include medication, behavior correction and training, early education and training. Through the interviews and observations in the previous period, this paper understands the specific problems of the client, and designs and implements the three aspects of “language expression”, “emotional expression” and “interpersonal interaction” of family rehabilitation nursing in combination with the service object itself. The client carries out different trainings of each module, improves the child's language expression ability, enables the child to develop a normal emotional experience, enhances the child's interpersonal communication ability, and finally solves the problem of interpersonal communication disorder of the autistic child.


Family rehabilitation care, autistic children, interpersonal barriers