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Research on the application of Chinese traditional culture in the staff training of logistics enterprises

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DOI: 10.25236/eduer.2017.024


Cai Su, Xueqiang li, Jing Li, Qingjun Fang

Corresponding Author

Cai Su


5000 years of history in our country, in the five thousand years of history, the formation of the excellent traditional culture has China characteristics. Keep the cultural needs of the process we are constantly on the Qucuqujing era, and requires a combination of its continuous development. In order to apply it to modern logistics enterprise management to promote the logistics enterprise, staff training, and promote the development of modern logistics enterprise management. We carry out an analysis on the value of traditional culture in the modern enterprise management, puts forward the traditional culture methods in the application of the modern enterprise.


Chinese traditional culture, Staff training, Logistics enterprises.