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Analysis of Chinglish Phenomena and Strategies for Chinese-English Translation of Thesis Abstract

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DOI: 10.25236/fmess.2017.36


Weifeng Wang

Corresponding Author

Weifeng Wang


It is found that there are many Chinglish phenomena in abstract of undergraduate’s abstract. The biggest challenge that students encounter is to find authentic and idiomatic way to translate the original Chinese text into English. To solve the problem, this paper analyses the causes of Chinglish phenomenon and offers the solutions to the problem with empirical method. The research method goes as follows: the first step is to analyze the cause of Chinglish phenomenon with the method of case analysis; the second step is to list the different expressions between Chinese and English, and then to research the Chinglish from words and sentence levels based on corpus analysis. In Chinese-English translation, the culture and thinking difference between Chinese and English have the most significant influence on translators’ expression, which makes it hard to accurately translate the meaning of the original Chinese text. The importance of the paper lies in making those people that including researchers, translators and other English learners recognize the existence of the problem and pay more attention to it, thus help to improve students’ competency in abstract writing and translating.


Chinglish phenomena; English-Chinese translation; cultural differences: strategies