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Study on the tannery waste in the preparation of cement foaming agent

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2019.007


Meng Liu, Baorong Duan, Mengmeng Zhang, Xiaoning Duan, Yaoyao Duan, Quanjie Wang

Corresponding Author

Quanjie Wang


A global demand for efficient re-utilization of tannery waste, which is based on the principles of re-use and recycling, results to a circular economy, where one industry’s waste becomes another’s raw material and it can be used in a sustainable way. In this study, the collagen in the waste shavings is extracted by hydrolysis with sodium hydroxide. Then, using benzene as a solvent, natural rosin as a raw material, phosphorus trichloride is used as a chlorinating agent to react with natural rosin to obtain rosinyl chloride, and rosinyl chloride is reacted with collagen to prepare a novel anionic surfactant. Lauryl alcohol continued to improve its stability, and the results showed that the overall performance was best when the amounts of SDBS and dodecyl alcohol were 0.25% and 0.6%, respectively. The performance of the obtained foaming agent was tested. The experimental data show that the foaming agent is obtained in this experiment, the foaming height reaches 147mm, and the half-life reaches 580s.


Rosin, tannery waste, cement foaming agent