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Study on Protecting Functional Factors of Food Protein Carrier System Based on Functional Nanomaterials

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2019.006


Fang Zhou

Corresponding Author

Fang Zhou


In recent years, more and more researchers have begun to realize the importance of physiological activity of functional factors, and the evaluation of digestion and absorption of functional factor delivery system has attracted great attention. In this study, extrusion spheronization and fluidized bed film coating technology were used to construct a film-coated pellet delivery system of acetate-resistant starch based on liquid food system, and the factor protection of the function of food protein carrier system based on functional nanomaterials was studied. The in vitro digestion and absorption model and evaluation technology of food functional factor delivery system were systematically introduced. The new methods of nanomaterials in the protection analysis of functional factors of food protein carrier system were systematically reviewed, and the future development of kinase activity analysis method was prospected.


Nanomaterials, Food protein, Functional factors