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The Influence of DMAc Ratio in Sheath Fluid on the Diameters of Medicated Cellulose Acetate Nanofibers

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DOI: 10.25236/icbcme.2019.003


Ziyun Gong, Yutong Du, Yutian He, Anlong Yang, Yaoyao Yang, Dengguang Yu

Corresponding Author

Ziyun Gong


Accurate manipulation of electrospun nanofibers’ diameter is highly sought after for realizing their functional performances. Different with traditional methods in reducing nanofiers’ size, the present job demonstrated that the compositions of sheath mixed solvent were able to exert a significant influence on the modified coaxial processes and corre-spondingly the final solid medicated nanofibers’ diameter. Scanning electron microscopic images showed that all the prepared ibuprofen-loaded cellulose acetate nanofibers had a linear morphology with few beads or spindles on them although they were prepared under a variable volume ratio of N, N-dimethylacetamide (DMAc) in the sheath mixture with acetone. The linear relationship between the medicated CA nanofibers’ diameter (D) and the volume ratio of DMAc in the sheath fluid (r) was D= 1013-685r, with a correlated coef-ficient of R2=0.9835. The strategy reported should also be useful for other electrohydrody-namic atomization methods for generating high quality micro-/nano-products in a control-lable manner.


Coaxial electrospinning, Nanofibers, Cellulose acetate, Sheath fluid, DMAc