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Simulation Analysis of the Head Shot of a Virtual Football Player

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.082


Yang zujiang, Chen wen, Huang shihuan

Corresponding Author

Yang zujiang


Modeling simulation of virtual football players' head shot is the exact embodiment of the application of virtual human technology in football. Based on the importance of technical movements in football matches, this paper studies the dynamics modeling methods of football players based on sports biology, gives the characteristics of muscles and joints when provoking a positive head ball, decomposes the head shot action, creates the rigid body model of the football player, uses the skeleton model of the virtual football player to establish a simulation experiment, and introduces the genetic algorithm to plan the path before the shooting for the virtual football player, and obtains the best path of the shot. And the simulation results proves the effectiveness of the algorithm.


Virtual football player, head shot, simulation modeling