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The Large-scale 3D Geometric Dimension Measurement Method and Application Based on Computer Vision

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.074


Hu Xinyu

Corresponding Author

Hu Xinyu


With the foundation of computer vision theory, the author studies the 3D reconstruction technology based on stereoscopic vision. The early-stage 3D reconstruction technology has been limited by the theoretical research level. The modeling process should be realized by dedicated devices, such as visual coordinate measuring machines. Moreover, the camera movement is strictly limited. Under the unspecific environment, the common digital cameras are used to do 3D reconstruction for the unspecific model. This system is feasible and has simple operation. It can accurately recover the object position and geometrical shape that can’t be provided by a 2D image detection method.


Computer vision, 3D reconstruction, camera calibration, stereo matching