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Exploration and Application of Seismic Attributes Fine Combination in Reservoir Prediction

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.067


Lingzhi Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lingzhi Zhang


In view of the problem that the reservoir prediction of well-seismic combination used to be mainly inversion, supplemented by seismic attributes, inversion needs external cooperation and expensive funds, and conventional attributes prediction are not accurate enough to depict the boundary of sand body, we continue to use the I-Geoseis seismic software provided by our company, to give full play to the advantages of well-seismic combination. The conventional amplitude attributes and coherence attributes fusion method are used to accurately depict the boundary and the trend of channel sand bodies, to guide the drawing of sedimentary facies, improving the prediction accuracy of channel sand bodies. The applied research results not only deepen the geological understanding but also guide the adjustment of water-driven scheme.


Quantitative optimization, attributes fusion, sand body prediction