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Precise 3D Reservoir Prediction of EI Reservoir in Z8-18 Area by Model Discrimination Technology

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.066


Hongsheng Lv

Corresponding Author

Hongsheng Lv


It is well known that research on reservoirs has always been a very important part in the exploration and development stage. The distribution characteristics and scale of reservoir sand bodies are the ultimate purpose of exploration. The lithology and thickness of reservoir sand bodies play an important role in guiding the development of wells. Therefore, the prediction of reservoir sand bodies has become the core of current reservoir research. In this paper, through well-earth model discrimination technology, the three-dimensional reservoir prediction of the EI oil layer in the Z8-18 area, Daqing is carried out. It is concluded that different geological composition features correspond to different seismic waveforms, and then the EI oil layer reservoir in the entire Z8-18 area the situation is predicted. This method can display the thickness of river sand bodies relatively thin and the sand bodies with relatively small scale of plane spreading are displayed in a fine and clear manner through three-dimensional effects, which greatly improves the success rate of wells in exploration and development.


3D Reservoir Prediction, Z8-18 area, Model Discrimination