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Load Weight Based Channel Access Protocol

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.063


Juan Chen, XueqiangZheng, Hui Zhang, Bing Deng, Qingqing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Juan Chen


The Stochastic Unified Multiple Access (SHUMA) channel access protocol provides effective access to Link-16 time slots for fluctuating numbers of users without slot reallocation while minimizing collisions. The performance of SHUMA protocol will be degraded under load unbalance. Our goal is to design a Link-16 multiple access protocol that is simple so that it can be implemented even in the older terminals; robust so that it can operate well despite load unbalance, dynamic topology. The send probability is adaptive adjusted based on the normalized load weight of unit, then the load weight based channel access protocol is proposed. The simulation results show that the delay and throughput performance of the proposed LWCC protocol are better than SHUMA.


LINK-16, Stochastic Unified Multiple Access Channel Access Protocol, Load Balance, Delay, Throughput