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The Application of Big Data in Intelligent Street Design

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.061


Sun Erhua

Corresponding Author

Sun Erhua


The rapid development of big data not only provides strong technical support for the design of streets, but also puts forward a new design method - intelligent street design. This paper explores four stages of street progress in the world: contemporary urban street innovation, Street integrity activities, Street vitality activities and intelligent street activities. It is proposed that intelligent street design will occupy a place in the future development prospects of street design on the basis of virtual skills such as big data and cloud computing. This paper discusses the application of big data in the whole process of intelligent street design on the basis of four stages of current collection, technology research, mass participation and utilization management. On this basis, it establishes a big data ecosphere of intelligent street design and conceives the future of intelligent street design.


Big Data, Smart Street, Whole Process Design, Big Data Ecosphere