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Application of Detection Technology of Mechanical Parts Based on Image Processing

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.060


Bianlian Zhang

Corresponding Author

Bianlian Zhang


As the cornerstone of national industrial progress machinery, China's entry into the new century sat on the train, the high-speed economic development in the information technology skills as the core of high-tech industry got great progress, the transition of the new and high skill industries drive the development of mechanical manufacturing industry and the transformation, the mechanical parts inspection as the core, in order to promote the lethal factors of mechanical parts is good or bad, for a long time, the use of mechanical parts inspection classic testing method cannot meet the modern industrial production of the good accuracy and quality of mechanical parts. Good mechanical parts inspection results require the help of the modern rapid progress of the electronic information industry. On the basis of introducing the advantages of non-contact measuring technique, the paper discusses its application in the inspection of mechanical parts.


Mechanical Parts, Non-Contact Detection, the Image Measurement