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Design and Implementation of Face Recognition Electronic Password Lock based on 51 Main Cypher Unit

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.059


Zhang Yingguang

Corresponding Author

Zhang Yingguang


With the continuous development of China's national economy, the need for security and confidentiality is increasing. Electronic password lock based on modern computer technology has become an important trend in the development of security lock. In this paper, based on 51 MCU, according to the design of face recognition electronic password lock, the hardware and software design principles of the system were described in detail; in order to ensure the smooth implementation of various functions of the system, various anti-interference measures were proposed. The design of this system is beneficial to the design and application of electronic password lock, and has a certain reference for the design of similar systems.


51 MCU, Face Recognition, Electronic Code Lock, Remote Control, Anti-Jamming