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The Application of Remote Monitoring and Intelligent System in Mine Engineering Machinery

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.058


Zhang Defu

Corresponding Author

Zhang Defu


With the development of China's economy, the use of mine engineering machinery is more and more extensive. As an important part of China's manufacturing industry, there are many problems in the use of mine engineering machinery, which cannot achieve intelligent remote monitoring. After analyzing the main characteristics of domestic and foreign mining engineering machinery, the viewpoint that the development trend will be remote monitoring and intellectualization was pointed out; on this basis, the design principles of remote monitoring and intelligent system of mine engineering machinery and corresponding remote real-time monitoring platform were introduced, and the key technologies of typical fault modeling and diagnosis of mine engineering machinery were analyzed, so as to provide some reference for the modern information management of mine engineering machinery in China.


Mine, Engineering Machinery, Remote Monitoring, Intelligent, Neural Network