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Design and Application Technology of ARM Embedded System

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.056


Wang Ru, Xie Cun

Corresponding Author

Wang Ru


In today's highly developed information society, how to quickly and accurately identify a person's identity and protect information security is a key social problem that must be solved in the information age. Identity recognition technology based on biometrics, with its advantages of convenience, rapidity, security and reliability, will become the best choice to replace traditional identification technologies such as keys, passwords, smart cards and so on in the future. In this paper, from the anti-counterfeiting point of view, meeting the application requirements of easy acquisition and acceptance, the human-computer interaction interface of embedded system based on ARM was studied and designed from two kinds of single-mode identification technologies, speech recognition and face recognition.


Embedded, ARM, System Design, Voice, Face, Human-Computer Interaction