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Numerical Calculation of Monomer Density Matrix of Nuclear Shell Model

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.055


QiRi MaiLaTu

Corresponding Author

QiRi MaiLaTu


The monomer density matrix was proposed independently by foreign scholars in 1927. The method of monomer density matrix has important applications in quantum mechanics. Therefore, the numerical calculation of the monomer density matrix of the nuclear shell model is studied. A method for calculating the density matrix of nucleus monomer in the mean field shell model is proposed, and the reliability of the method is verified. Studies have shown that the monomer density matrix is an important task in nuclear theory. In addition, the author believes that when further consider the nucleus as a system and link the multi-body association with the hierarchical structure of the system, the development trend of the multi-body association theory of nucleus can be shown. This is one aspect of the systematic tendency in the development of physics.


Nucleus, Shell Model, Monomer Density Matrix