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A Comparative Study of Statistical Analysis Techniques

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.048


Zhiqiong Zou

Corresponding Author

Zhiqiong Zou


Due to the continuous progress of science and technology, big data has also been rapidly developed, and people's access to resources and information is becoming more and more diverse. This situation has brought unprecedented challenges to the statistical work of grassroots data in the past. It has not only ushered in new challenges, but also accordingly ushered in new opportunities. Therefore, the author studies the comparison of big data statistical analysis techniques. In the context of big data, the development of statistics should take a proactive approach, including designing more complex methods to collect data and design more unique methods to analyze data. Research shows that statistical analysis needs to combine big data ideas, which is not only the need of government service work, but also marks a new height in the transformation of government departments' work methods.


Big Data, Statistical Analysis, Technical Comparison