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From Media Integration to Artificial Intelligence: Innovative Application of Information Technology in Digital Content Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.046


Xu Zhiqiang, Li Haidong

Corresponding Author

Xu Zhiqiang


At present, the development of China's digital content industry lags behind that of developed countries, mainly due to the lack of innovation in China's digital content industry. With the continuous development of AI technology, the application of AI technology is increasing, and at the same time, it has attracted wide attention from the society. With the continuous development of computer and Internet technology, artificial intelligence and its impact on the system and products have also changed people's perception. Every change in communication technology has brought about the evolution of media forms and modes of communication. The impact of artificial intelligence on the media industry is no exception. As an emerging industry, the digital content industry has no ready-made rules and experience to follow, and must achieve industrial development through continuous innovation activities. In the future, traditional media can only get out of today's predicament by integrating with new media and using Internet thinking to build media. Based on the current status of China's digital content industry, this paper proposes various models for digital content industry innovation.


Digital Content, Computer, Artificial Intelligence, Media Fusion