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Research on Tourism Data Mining Based on Artificial Intelligence

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.045


Wang Wei

Corresponding Author

Wang Wei


In the current trend of tourism demand development, the content, mode and hot spots of tourism demand are constantly updated, and the concept of tourism demand has changed from passive acceptance to active choice. According to the characteristics of tourism database, the data preprocessing work and decision tree mining process before mining are explained. Tourism is a typical service industry. The indivisibility, fragility and non-storage of tourism products in production and consumption objectively require product suppliers to accurately and timely understand the needs of consumers, and the mining rules are analyzed. Artificial intelligence is a human brain simulation technology that makes full use of computer technology and other discipline technologies for intelligent learning and automatic control, to deeply explore tourist information of interest to tourists and speed up the rate of tourism data mining, knowledge base system parameters, based on the realization of data set feature mining of tourism multi-dimensional data, and mining tourism data under different states.


Artificial Intelligence, Tourism, Data Mining