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Design and Analysis of Human Resource Planning System of State-owned Enterprises Based on Intensive Management

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DOI: 10.25236/isaicn.2019.044


Wang Liqiong, Liu Lei

Corresponding Author

Wang Liqiong


With the deepening of the reform of the state-owned enterprise system, the traditional personnel management method has been difficult to meet the requirements of human resources for the development of modern enterprises. Therefore, it is of great practical significance for state-owned enterprises to carry out human resources planning and design. Human resource planning is not only the initial step of human resource management activities, but also an important function of human resource management. The paper gives suggestions for changes in human resource management in state-owned enterprises, including changing old concepts, using scientific methods for human resource planning, developing appropriate human resources recruitment plans, doing classified training, and helping employees plan career development, and discussing the status of human resources in state-owned enterprises, measures for human resource planning development, and implementation and monitoring of human resources planning. The scientific development of human resources planning by state-owned enterprises helps state-owned enterprises to ensure the human resources needed for production and operation, which is conducive to the saving of labor costs.


Intensive Management, State-owned Enterprises, Human Resource Planning